Many people hear about Registered Servers in SSMS and then completely forget about it and how useful it can be if they are in a large environment where they need to connect to many servers. Registered Servers allows you to save the server details in SSMS and give it a friendly name so when you need to connect to the server you can just double click on it.

Benefits of Registered Servers:
• Preserve the connection information.
• Determine if a registered server is running.
• Easily connect Object Explorer and Query Editor to a registered server.
• Edit or delete the registration information for a registered server.
• Create groups of servers.
• Provide user-friendly names for registered servers.
• Provide detailed descriptions
• Export registered server groups.
• Import registered server groups.
• View the SQL Server log files for online or offline instances of SQL Server.

The simplest way to register a server is to right click on the instance of the server you are connected to in your object explorer and select Register…

In the popup it will automatically put in the server that you are connected to with the method of connection, in my case Windows Authentication. At the bottom you can give the server a friendly name and description and click save.

To open up the Registered Servers window, you can select View on the top menu and Registered Servers.

Your Registered Servers window shall appear above your Object Explorer window. You can them simply double click on a server to connect to it in Object Explorer.
Registered Servers


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