I recently took the microsoft exams to get my MCSA and MCSE in BI and spent quite a few hours preparing for the exams. I thought I would share how I prepped for the exams.

Microsoft has a Virtual Academy and it is FREE!

To sign up for the virtual academy, you can sign up with your Microsoft account. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one and then use it to sign up.

On the virtual academy you can take online courses and add them to a learning plan. This allows you to track your progress as you progress through the courses.

You are able to see your ranking against other users in your country and in the world.

Each course has a video for each module, you can watch it online or download it in different quality formats. There is a slide presentation you can view online or download for each module.

Once you complete watching the video for each module there is a mini assessment that consists of 5 questions that you can answer to test your knowledge.

To make sure you add the correct course to your learning plan you should first go to the SQL certifications page on Microsoft learning. Select the number listed below “Required exam” (It’s a blue block)

This shall take you to the page where you can schedule the exam. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the section that says “Preparation Options”

Expand the “Self-paced training” and click on the link. This link will redirect you to the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) course.
You shall see a button that says Learning Plan, click on the button and select the check-box and click apply.
Once it has been added to your Learning Plan, the course shall appear in your dashboard area. You can select the course and start your learning!


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