MyBroadband Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference

The 2017 Cloud Hosting & Security Conference, held on 10 May 2017 at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng, is the premier event of its kind in South Africa. The conference will be attended by South Africa’s top cloud, hosting and security executives and IT professionals. The speakers will share information about hosting services, data centres, cloud computing, virtualisation, hosting infrastructure and connectivity.

It is the premier event of its kind in South Africa and attracts over 1,500 IT executives and decision makers as delegates.

Radio 702’s Aki Anastasiou will be MC at the event, with speakers from Amazon Web Services, BCX, SensePost, Connection Telecom, SITA, and many other leading organisations.

The event’s lead sponsor is BCX, which is a leading player in the South African cloud and hosting market.

Telviva is the co-lead sponsor, with ODEK and Genesys partnering with MyBroadband as title sponsors of the conference.

SITA and Commvault are platinum sponsors, with DRSA, Hetzner, Networks Unlimited, Fortinet, and DataCentrix serving as gold sponsors.

The silver sponsors are BitCo, ArcServe, Cipherwave, Dimension Data, Corex, Tarsus, and Synthesis.

Bronze sponsors for the event include Continuity SA, Dartcom, Teraco, Poynting, and Gabsten Technologies, while FibreCo is a display sponsor and RSAWEB a literature sponsor.

Azure Cape Town April Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in Cloud computing, with a specific focus on Microsoft’s Azure platform. We aim to connect and grow people with similar interests (the Azure platform and accompanying services) to connect and develop their knowledge by sharing experiences.

• Welcome & Meet and Greet
• Whats new in Azure (Gary & Lourens)
• Session #1: Azure Functions (Gary)
• Session #2: Operations Management Suite (Lourens)
• Session #3: Speaker Nominations
• Session #4: Potential Time-slot Change
• Q&A
• Wrap-up

PowerBI Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter

PowerBI has released a fantastic template for Twitter called Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter. After following the “wizard” you will have a complete report filled with sophisticated analytics.

In order to set this up, all you need is a twitter account and an Azure account. If you would like to play with this you can set up a trial Azure account.

To get started you can go to the following link
This will open the following page. Select install to start the “wizard”.

Next you will get a summary of what is needed to complete this Twitter template.

On the Login page you will connect to Azure. If you do not have a subscription there is a link to set up a free Azure trial. You will then select whether you have a personal or work Azure account.

If you are not sure what to put in the Azure Tenant section you can find this in the azure portal. If you hover over your icon on the top right hand corner it shall show you some details. It is the Domain details that you shall place in the Azure Tenant. It will have the “”

Once you click Connect to Azure you will need to accept that the Business Platform Solution Template can access your Azure account.

Once accepted you shall get a confirmation page that all was successfully validated and you can click on next to progress to the Source page.

On the Source page you will specify the database name to store the Twitter data, a username and a password. Make sure the password contains upper case, lower case and a special character.

Next you will need to check for availability, sometimes the database name you choose is already taken on another azure server.

Once validated you shall get the below screen and you can select next to go onto the Twitter page.

On this page you shall connect to Twitter. This will connect to your actual Twitter account. You can get data about any Twitter account using this. It is not limited to your own just because you are logging in. In this demo I take a look at the @MSPowerBI twitter account.

Complete your Twitter login details and authorize the Azure app to have access.

Once authorised you will get a screen to show you that your Twitter account has been validated and you can move onto the next page.

On the Search Terms page you can place in the twitter handles you would like to take a look at or the keywords you are keen on. You can do both by separating the two with the word OR.

Once validated you move onto the Twitter Handles page. This is where you can search all the Twitter handles you are interested in by separating them with a space. For this I took a look at @MSPowerBI and @Azure

After this you reach the Summary page. Once you click on run it starts to process all the data and build the report.

You then move onto the Deploy page where you can see the progress of the data being extracted and compiled in a report.

Once complete you shall get a notification and you can download your pbix file to view on your desktop.