Limiting SSIS to a Single File Type

A while ago I was having some issues with SSIS and moving files. There was a hidden file called thumbs.db

When SSIS was running the move file task it would fail because it can’t place duplicate files in the same location. The thumbs.db file was the problem. Even though it was hidden as a windows file, SSIS still saw it and wanted to move it.

This is where limiting SSIS to a specific file type saves you from this problem.

To do this you filter on the Foreach Loop Container. You select the container and then you click on Properties.

In the Properties right at the top you shall see FileSpec. There you can set it to the file type you would like to filter/limit for.

And that’s how you limit SSIS to a specific file type!

BI Intellicape April Meetup

Good Day Professionals!

This month’s agenda is as follows:

Session Type:
Interactive and Informal (please bring your questions and/or feel free to contribute to the discussion. The best way to learn is from each other)

Challenges and guidelines for introducing Power BI into your analytics organisation.

Are you still stuck in the chasm between “spreadmarts” and traditional BI? Did you think that business analytics tools like Power BI would make the pain go away?

We will chat about challenges and guidelines around the following- data culture- data organistion and roles- self-service lifecycle- data architecture

Toufiq has been practising data alchemy for more than 2 decades. He has a passion for turning data into business value using the Microsoft data platform. He is an untiring advocate of the durability of data design principles and processes which has survived technology evolution and the migration from on-premises to cloud.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The IntelliCape Team