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  2. Thanks for this. Very cool. I wonder… do you happen to know if there are any good SSIS validator tools out there? What I’d like is a tool that shows me things like unused connections in the package. I inherited someone else’s SSIS projects, and … well let’s just say they’re not here anymore for a reason. There’s a lot of cleanup to do, and poking through each package manually to try and discover what is unused (or broken) is quite tedious. Any ideas? Thanks SQL Girl !!

    • Unfortunately I do not know of any tools. I have been in your position many times and have had to do the tedious method of going through everything.

  3. Hi sql girl
    I have a situation in sql 2016…..
    I have 2 versions of a package one for prod and one for dev….

    The job is a sql transfer object task that goes to a source and copies tables from a source to the destination. In one case the destination is the prod and one the dev package.

    So I made the dev version, copied it and just changed the am I connection to point from dev to prod.
    Both dev and prod servers are almost the same spec.
    But the job on dev takes 3 minutes and the job on prod takes 15 minutes….
    On the prod after watching in several traces and watching in activity monitor……the prod seems to spend the first 8 or 9 minutes validating or trying to connect and as soon as it does the job runs fine…….
    Do you think this sounds like a validation issue and if so any pointers…..thanks

    • Hi, I actually have no idea, I have never come across this before. Could be a connectivity issue where there is more of a delay on the prod server. Are both servers on premise or in the cloud?

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